TSA Loudspeakers

TSA Loudspeakers are available in a range of point source, full range loudspeakers in sizes designed to cater to a broad spectrum of listening environments.

Tube amps are fast, so to ensure that all that extra musical detail is not lost we have specifically chosen high efficiency, full range drivers for our loudspeakers that typically demonstrate frequency responses of 22 hz to 20,000 hz. Featuring a choice of powerful ferrite, neodymium or AlNiCo magnets, our drivers are the most musical and natural sounding of full range drivers.

Full range drivers handle the full audio spectrum so there are no separate woofers or tweeters and therefore no crossovers; in other words there is less circuitry in between the amplifier and the speaker. The full range driver produces a single point-source of sound. In combination with tube amplification the resulting stereo imagining is uncanny. The music simply floats in the air, the performers seemingly there in the room with you.

Our cabinets are available in a range of Australian hardwood finishes and there are over one hundred options in our catalogue. TSA Loudspeakers are hand-made, the cabinets oil finished to a high lustre and are a beautiful alternative to the industrial plastic laminates used on most commercially produced loudspeakers. Order tube amplifiers from us and have them styled in the same finish as your loudspeakers: a truly unique presentation.

Our loudspeakers perfectly complement vacuum tube amplifiers. A pair of TSA Loudspeakers would be the perfect finishing touch to that amplifier you are going to build at Amp Camp, or that you order direct.

Loudspeaker Models

Full Range Loudspeakers

Shock & Awe

At 370 litres displacement, Shock & Awe are the big daddies of the TSA Loudspeaker range and beautifully complement the capabilities of the 15 inch driver, faithfully projecting all the way to the lowest register for the most lifelike experience. The awesome capacity of this loudspeaker allows configuration with a passive driver for truly extraordinary presence.


Presenting a larger footprint than Gindari and smaller than Shock & Awe, a pair of Penultimates is an attractive option between the extended presence of Shock & Awe and the more compact Gindari. They are a superb loudspeaker fully delivering the promise of the 15 inch full range driver.


Literally, “playing music” in the local dialect, Gindaris will usually be configured with 12” (300mm) drivers though are also capable of supporting the 15 inch driver. Gindaris are the choice of those seeking the depth and realism of the large displacement loudspeaker where space is at a premium.


The Megalong is a utility loudspeaker demonstrating a smaller footprint whilst offering the 10 or 12 inch driver in a medium sized cabinet, an excellent loudspeaker configuration with a higher output in this size presentation.


A slightly narrower cabinet to the Megalong, the Jamison presents the 10 inch driver in a slimmer form factor. Jamisons are a good choice for small to medium listening environments or where space is otherwise an important selection criterion.


Smaller listening environments are perfectly catered for by the Wollemi, which, unlike its namesake, stands less than a metre high and with a footprint of less than one square foot. The little brother of the mighty Shock &Awe, this compact package delivers amazing clarity and sound stage in a smaller format.

Studio Reference

NEW TSA Monitor 1

This superb studio reference dual driver monitor offers extraordinary performance in a small package, achieving rich and clear reproduction from 33Hz to beyond 20kHz. The bookshelf size also makes the TSA Monitor 1 ideal for any smaller listening environment and their versatility more than satisfies music and/or home theatre applications.

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