Vinyl Record Cleaning System

The Vinyl Record Cleaning System is designed for use with spread-and-peel type vinyl record cleaning fluid.


System Demonstration

There are three main criticisms that can be levelled at Spread and Peel type vinyl record cleaners. These are Price and Time. That is, it is expensive and time consuming as well as messy to use.

When I bought a bottle of a well known spread and peel vinyl record cleaning fluid, I also picked up a Vinyl Record Cleaning System. It is a ‘turntable’ and drying rack. Doesn’t sound like much, but it:

  • enabled me to do ten LPs (both sides) in 30 minutes, and
  • allowed me to use half the recommended amount of product
  • one bottle treated 50 sides! (25 LPs)
  • provided a neat, controlled method of application as well as a very tidy drying and peeling work platform

Spread-and-peel record cleaners just got easier to use thanks to the Vinyl Record Cleaning System.


  • Save Money: use up to 50% less than the recommended quantity of most spread and peel cleaners for the same result
  • Save Time:treat both sides of the record in the one session
  • Save Space: Dry multiple LPs on the footprint of just one LP
  • No Mess: without a Vinyl Record Cleaning System you’ll likely end up with cleaning fluid on more surfaces than just your LP
  • Half as long: without a Vinyl Record Cleaning System you can only treat one side of an LP at once
  • Convenience: without a Vinyl Record Cleaning System you can’t move drying records


Record Restoration Cleaner Without the Vinyl Record Cleaning System
Drying any number of LPs requires plenty of flat space

Using the Vinyl Record Cleaning System Stack Rack
Clean both sides of up to ten LPs at one go and conveniently dry them as a single stack

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Just want to express how satisfied I am with this system.   I have learned the technique to spin the LP at just the right RPM to apply 10ml of fluid evenly. Works great!   I allow the fluid to skin for 30 minutes then coat the other side.  No drips.  The cleaning fluid works, but the Vinyl Record Cleaning System is a necessity.

Jeff M, Kentucky, USA

I cannot imagine using this type of record cleaner without the Vinyl Record Cleaning System. Put simply, you need a better way to put it on and you need a way to easily dry the wet records. Get a Vinyl Record Cleaning System!

Darryl W, Sydney

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