Bayira 8200 SX Single Ended Tube Amp

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The Elekit TU-8200 Single Ended Tube Amp kit features precision Japanese engineering which in a tube amp kit translates to a build that is an absolute joy. The kit is distributed and supported in Australia by TSA as the Bayira 8200 SX, which as well as several quality inclusions also comes with an enhanced capacitor package and a choice of matched and balanced power tubes at time of ordering.

TSA has reviewed and trialled the kit for use in Australia and is pleased to offer the kit in an enhanced format for increased performance. The kit comes with TSA’s excellent printed and illustrated instructions (in English). The step by step build is well set out and any constructor with moderate skills should be able to complete the project. There is also our support service for advice as required and should your build not be successful our service centre stands ready to help.

Mike recently built the Bayira Single Ended Tube  Amp; read his story.

Power Tube Upgrade options:
The Bayira 8200 SX kit is an enhancement on the standard kit.It includes four Panasonic conductive polymer aluminium solid capacitors (cathode bypass) and Mundorf metallised polypropylene film (coupling capacitors). When ordering your kit choose from the following tube set options. Each pair is electronically matched and balanced for superior performance.

  • Preferred Series 6L6GC tube is versatile and will sound great in many amplifiers, for many styles of music. It is well balanced from top to bottom. The highs are clear and clean. The low end well detailed and articulate even when pushed hard. The high end is articulate but not sharp or brittle. Bass response is bigger than most but not boomy.
  • Preferred Series EL34 for a solid bottom end and midrange; high end is good but not bright. The EL34 is often used in guitar amps and performs well in the Bayira 8200
  • The Preferred Series KT88 tube is a versatile high quality tube. It is very musical and with a frequency range balanced from top to bottom. It has a strong detailed bass and smooth highs, with the mids slightly warm yet still detailed. The soundstage is wide and deep. The Preferred Series KT88 construction features a solid plate design and triple getters.

Bayira 8200 DAC Module

Add the DAC module to your Bayira TU8200R or Bayira TU8200SX and direct connect your digital music source to the acclaimed 8200 single ended tube amplifier.

  • Power supply system: USB bus power (may be modified for external power supply)
  • Operating system: Windows XP or higher, Mac OS X or higher
  • USB: 1.1 or 2.0 (connects via USB Mini-B cable; not included)
  • Sampling rate: 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
  • DAC resolution: 16bit
  • Output distortion rate: 0.014% (USB bus power mode)
  • Frequency response: 10Hz-22.5kHz (1kHz)

Supported modifications:

  • Change the power supply system from USB bus power to externally supplied power
  • Connection of external clock
  • Changeable Op-amp

Download Bayira 8200R Specifications

wall of sound


  • Elekit TU-8200R $1,395.00
  • Amp Build Service* $595.00
  • Bayira 8200 SX with 6L6GC tubes $1,926.00
  • Bayira 8200 SX with EL34 tubes $1,895.00
  • Bayira 8200 SX with KT88 tubes $2,050.00
  • DAC Module (installs in TU-8200R) $275.00
  • DAC Module Build Service $195.00

Elekit products are supplied and supported in Australia by Tube Sound Audio. Prices are AUD and include GST.

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