Elekit 8500 SX Tube Preamp with Phono

TSA Elekit 8200 Single Tube Integrated Audio Amplifier
The Elekit Stack shown in TSA’s unique, removable woodgrain finish

Elekit 8500 SX
Elekit 8500 SX

Elekit 8500 standard
Elekit 8500 standard

The Elekit TU-8200 preamp kit, like its stablemate the TU-8200, features precision Japanese engineering and superb tube electronics. This is a preamp that punches way above its price tag. The kit is distributed and supported in Australia by TSA as the Elekit 8500 SX which is an enhanced version of the standard 8500. As well as a wide choice of handmade woodgrain presentation panels the kit features an enhanced capacitor package and upgraded signal tubes.

The Elekit 8500 SX preamp also extends the flexibility of the 8200 Power Amp by providing four line inputs: three line inputs plus low level phono preamp for both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges.



  • Precision phono stage RIAA equalisation (CR not NF); supports both MM and MC cartridges
  • Two low noise OPamps are used in the phono equaliser amp circuitry. OPamp preferences are accommodated by use of socket mounts allowing easy substitution of alternative OPamps.
  • Two 12AU7 (ECC82) tubes are used in the line amp stage. Gain is switchable (approx 1x to 3x). The SX model replaces the stock tube with premium Russian manufactured 12AU7A matched tubes.
  • Reduced hum/background noise circuitry includes a low flux leakage R-core transformer, a FET ripple filter for B-power and the tubes are powered by the DC power supply.
  • The SX model features larger metallised polypropylene oil film coupling capacitors for improved performance
  • Support for 4 different voltage environments including Australia (set during assembly).
  • Australian power cord
  • Kester 245 63/37 SnPb cored solder wire (10gms)
  • Printed English manual edited for Australian build requirements



Stock tube 12AU7 (ECC82) x 2
OP Amp NJM2068DD x2
Input terminal RCA Jack (4 lines
  Phono; lines 1-3;
  1 x 3.5mm stereo jack
Output terminal RCA Jack 1 line (pre out)
Power voltage 230VAC 50Hz  (Australia)
Power consumption 8W
Dimensions W252 x H73 x D270 mm
Weight Approx 3.1kg
Line Amp Stage  
Gain X3.1 (9.8dB) / x1.15 (1.2dB)
Frequency Response  (-3dB) 2Hz-70kHz  / 2Hz-280kHz
SN ratio (IHF-A) 122dB      /       129dB
Max output voltage 22v RMS (1kHz)
Phono Stage  
RIAA equalisation ±0.5 dB tolerance (20Hz-20kHz)
Cartridge MM (low) MC(high)
Gain (1kHz) 37dB 63dB
SN Ratio (IHF-A) 108dB 88dB
Input resistance 50kΩ 100Ω
Max. output voltage 7.4v RMS (1kHz)



  • Elekit TU-8500 $985.00
  • Amp Build Service* $395.00
  • Elekit TU-8500 SX Tube Preamp kit $1,199.00
  • TU-8500 Woodgrain covers $495.00

Elekit products are supplied and supported in Australia by Tube Sound Audio. Prices are AUD and include GST.

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