TSA Tool Pack

The TSA DIY Tool Pack contains an assortment of the most frequently used and useful tools for building a tube amp at home. Comes with an online soldering course.

The TSA Tool pack, which comes in its own tool box, contains::

TSA Tool Pack

Soldering Kit

A good solder joint starts with good equipment

1. Soldering iron

30W 240V; 400-420°C, 1mm conical tip

Ideal for delicate electronics. Constant temperature protects delicate parts as the iron is in contact for as short a period as possible

2. Desoldering wick


Braided wick for drawing off molten solder

3. Desoldering tool

Solder Sucker tool

Every builder makes an occasional mistake. A solder pump is used as the first step in the uninstallation of parts by first allowing easy removal of solder. Especially useful on PCBs.

Hand Tools

The best projects start with good quality hand tools

4. Wire Crimper/Stripper/Cutter

Multi-purpose wire preparation tool

Avoiding damage to wires when stripping insulation is essential.
Strip and cut wire from 10-26AWG (0.15-6mm2)
Crimping for terminals 10-22AWG

5. Precision micro cutters

125mm Carbon Steel Side

High quality, sharp cutters; non-slip

6. Precision Pliers

145mm Carbon Steel
Serrated Needle Nose Pliers

Good quality pliers are essential for placing, retrieving and holding components during the work

7. Hex nut driver


M3 and M4 are the most common nut sizes. These hex drivers are more convenient than spanners.

8. Hex nut driver


9. Screw driver - Philips

#1 Philips Stubby

The short screw driver is the preferred size for electronics

10. Tweezers


Holding and retrieving delicate parts

11.  Magnifying glass


A necessity for examining solder joints

Test Equipment

Ability to test basics such as resistance and voltage is a must

12. Multimeter

Voltage, resistance, amperage and diode measurement

Extremely useful for verifying resistor values and test checking voltages


TSA Tool pack price including tool box: $199.95 (inc GST) 

TSA products are supplied and supported in Australia. Customers will receive a support telephone number and email contact.

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