Amp Camp the DIY Tube Audio Workshop

Build your own tube amplifier

The simple fact is that achieving fine audio does not require spending a fortune. For those who have longed to listen to their music through high end audio and without the price tag, you have come to the right place.

Tube Sound Audio’s Amp Camp is where you start building your own outstanding hi-fi system using the finest in vacuum tube technology. DIY hi-fi enthusiasts have always had the finest in high end audio at a fraction of the cost of commercial systems; now you can too at our purpose built facility in the Blue Mountains.

The skills are straight forward and are not difficult to learn. We teach you those skills as you build your tube amp under close supervision.

Better still, you can hear exactly what the finished system will sound like before you start. Our listening room offers a range of completed amplifier and loudspeaker combinations for you to assess.

This One Time at Amp Camp – read Darryl’s story


  • No pre-existing soldering skills required as we start your tube amp project with a Soldering Skills course
  • There is no requirement to bring your own tools. High quality tools are provided or there is an option for you to buy the pre-stocked TSA Tool Kit
  • Full instruction and oversight ensures a successful project
  • You can audition your chosen DIY project at Tube Sound Audio; hear what it sounds like before you commit
  • Amp Camp is an alternative to DIY at home, especially if you have doubts about your skill with a soldering iron. Other benefits include working in a purpose built workshop, not having to clear up when you’ve finished and no interruptions!

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As a first step to planning your Amp Camp and selecting your project fill out the enquiry form below. We will call you to discuss what you’d like to build, when and answer all your questions.

What’s it cost?

An Amp Campis designed as a complete package so you can build one amp or a whole system. You decide what you want to build and you’ll get one invoice covering all materials, tools, instruction and the course guarantee of successful completion. Fill out the feedback form below and we will call within 48 hours to discuss your interest.

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