Looking for “tube sound” in Australian hi-fi audio? Build your own with one of Tube Sound Audio’s DIY tube amp kits suitable for use in Australia or check out our custom built systems.

So why is the vacuum tube back in favour? For some, like guitarists, the tube never went out of favour. It’s quite simple; in its operation a tube produces a distortion called second harmonic. The second harmonic is a frequency which is double the original sound and is an overtone which is abundantly produced by various musical instruments. It gives depth and richness to the sound, especially the human voice. The human ear loves it.

The solid state amp, on the other hand, produces distortion mostly in odd number multiples, which our ears find harsh. Serious counter measures in the solid state amp are required to overcome this making for a very busy circuit.

In audio, numbers do not always tell the story. At Tube Sound Audio we can demonstrate a few simple truths, like lots of wattage does not mean better sound.

Tube Sound Audio offers a new hi-fi experience. Discover the immense satisfaction of building your own tube amp, either by kit or at Amp Camp (see our Amp Camp page), our workshop in tube amp building where you are supervised through your own tube amp build.

We also do custom made, unique systems, carefully hand built and finished.


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DIY @ Amp Camp

Affordable top quality hi-fi audio has always been enjoyed by the do-it-yourself enthusiast. They achieve great systems at a fraction of the cost of equivalent commercial systems. Now you can too. Doing it yourself delivers the ultimate satisfaction of playing your music on fantastic gear you built! If this is something you’ve always wanted to do, come to an Amp Camp workshop and successfully build your own tube amp, guaranteed! Never used a soldering iron? No problem; we will teach you soldering, with all the tools and materials provided.

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DIY @ Home

See our range of DIY Tube Amp kits and build your own at home. Local support is also available.